Nissan Cars in Nepal

Nissan Motors is a Japanese multinational company with popular brands like Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun under its belt. With almost a century-old history, Nissan has done almost everything. The company has produced engines for rockets, produced military equipment in World War II, and even made Japan’s Ford Model T. Throughout history, Nissan continues to evolve according to the modern requirements of the society.

Pioneer Moto Corp Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of both Nissan and Datsun in Nepal. The company sells more than five different Nissan models in Nepal. These models diverge from hatchbacks to SUVs to pickup trucks. Despite Nissan’s shrinking popularity in the North American market, the brand still enjoys its popularity in Nepal.

Nissan Cars Price in Nepal Price
Nissan Micra Active Rs. 27,49,000 – Rs. 28,84,000
Nissan Sunny Rs. 39,99,000
Nissan Kicks Rs. 48,99,000 – Rs. 60,99,000
Nissan Navara Rs. 82,49,000 – Rs. 92,49,000
Nissan X-trail Rs. 1,24,99000 – Rs. 1,29,99000
  • Nissan Micra Active

    Rs. - Rs.
  • Nissan Sunny

  • Nissan Kicks

    Rs. - Rs.
  • Nissan Navara

    Rs. - Rs.
  • Nissan X-trail

    Rs. - Rs.